A bit of large scale drama!

Apologies, I havent posted in ages! I've had a manic couple of weeks and I think it came out when I started this new 100cm x 150cm commission! I've been back and forwards like a yoyo, but today for the first time in a while I'm back in the studio ALL day!:):)

Thought I'd share a few photos of a recent commission I've been working on that feels so different to any others at the moment!

It began quite calmly with some darker greys & mid greys.....I was having fun letting the paint dribble down this larger canvas. Then as ever I got a carried away and so into the painting.....

Before I knew it I was using my hands to paint the darkest charcoal tones. It was amazing and felt very free! You can see my finger marks in this photo:) I actually loved it at this point and almost didn't want to add to it (however I'm not sure that my lovely client would want this painting on their wall....)

As you can see - things got a little messy (and this was only half way through this painting!)

I love the level of depth within this painting, I know its only the beginnings and it will change quite dramatically, but it made such a nice change to start using darker tones in the canvas! I've started adding some eucalyptus like tones to the painting now and will keep you all posted on where this commission takes me:)

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