Abstract expressionist paintings inspired by the British landscape, Bethany’s paintings are created through a process of building up and scraping back layers of paint & mixed media, exploring the balance of colour on a blank canvas. Bethany looks to impressionism as a source of inspiration, the texture within her art takes form from studying the way the British landscape changes and develops.


After training at Nottingham Trent University, Bethany graduated with

a degree in Textile Design in 2012. Since then she has featured in Country Homes & Interiors and in 2018 celebrated her first Solo Exhibition amongst many other things.


“My paintings are an extension of my senses. I look to nature for inspiration, to create a relationship between landscape and canvas. The use of texture, colour and mark explore how I see the British landscape. Through a process of covering up and sanding back intricate layers are revealed. I love seeing my paintings grow organically, just like the beautiful British landscape. I want people to see something new whenever they study my work, to get lost in the marks and composition."

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