Bethany’s paintings are an extension of the senses. She looks to nature for inspiration, to create a relationship between landscape and canvas. The use of texture, colour and mark explore how Bethany see’s the British landscape. Through a process of covering up and sanding back, intricate layers are revealed. The paintings grow organically, just like the landscape that surrounds us. Bethany wants the viewer to get lost in the marks and composition of her work, to see something new every time the piece is studied. 


Colour is Bethany's passion and her palettes over time have changed and developed. Her work has a constant energy and a beautiful rhythm to it. 


Since graduating in Textile Design in 2012, her work has gone from strength to strength, She now has gallery representation throughout the UK, and has work in many private collections, including in Norway, Hong Kong & the US.


'My work and the way I paint is my way of responding to what is going on around us. I seek comfort in painting, to get what is in my head, out and onto canvas. I believe that every painting should be an experiment and an experience. Every painting should push my boundaries and force myself out of my comfort zone. Only then will it be the best it can possibly be'. 

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