Ever Changing

A body of work comprising 21 new paintings inspired by the ever-changing seasons in one intimate location.  A series of impressions recording the landscape throughout the year.  Changes in light, atmosphere, and weather were the influence behind this distinctive series. 


Standing in one place, studying how it changes throughout the 12 months. What happens when you go down to the same place at various points of the day? How can one day can be so different to another? 


The shorter days cut the light off, whilst the longer summer days create long shadows. The long grass wet underfoot for months, and then suddenly it’s dry as a bone and creating new textures underfoot. 


Different colours come from the landscape to influence the palette for this body of work. Greys and blues on a murky day,  gorgeous acidic yellows & greens when the sun is shining, to beautiful soft warm tones as the sun goes down. 


A constant source of inspiration.


 Ever changing. 

"Ever Changing represents so much. It is a body of work that has been on-going for almost a year now. Not only the beauty that is the ever-changing seasons, weather, light & shadow, but also the ever-changing emotions that go alongside the creative process.


It has been so difficult at times, a fight between artist and canvas. Some pieces came together so easily, a beautiful flow from within, whilst others were a struggle, a battle of emotions and frustration. 


So much of myself has gone into these pieces. More so than ever I would say. 

A combination of artist’s block and external emotional factors played such a big part in these paintings. 


The palette that ties this body of work together is hopeful. An overriding emotion I had whilst working on these pieces. It felt wonderful to bring back my warmer palettes of deep pinks, soft oranges and sunny yellows. 


Ever Changing is a continuing body of work. I do not feel that my journey with this title is complete yet. I hope to launch more paintings later in the year that have continued to explore my voyage with this work. A voyage of hope, of believing that better times are coming & happiness will prevail."