2019 –New year, new work!

So Christmas & New year are over and we are already well into January, and I’m

getting stuck into some new work.

The end of last year was a very busy period. I had 5 pieces in Eastwood Fine Art,

I also had two Art Fairs to exhibit at, commissions to complete, as well as

renovating a house and remembering to frame all my artwork. I don’t think I

have ever been as busy as I was in the months leading up to Christmas. The

Christmas break was much needed!

We managed to move into our little cottage on December 22nd. Our new house is

about 8 minutes drive to the studio. I’ve never actually lived away from my

studio before so I am quite excited about this. One of my New Year resolutions is

to create a better work/life balance – as cliché as that sounds, so I am hoping that

living away from the studio helps this!

After a few weeks off (filled with moving, lots of Christmas food, lit fires and

movie watching) on New years day I headed into the studio for the first time in

what felt like a long, long time. It was perfect. A day full of painting was so rare at

the end of last year, so to ignore the admin and get stuck into some studio time

was needed. Any tips for creating a better work life balance would be

much appreciated??

I will be doing a blog post in a couple of weeks with a few updates on my new

series but until then, Happy New Year!

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