2020 and the year so far...

Well, I’ve been a little quiet on here haven’t I?! I’ve just realised that I haven’t done a blog post in a while since 2019 in fact!

So where do I begin? Well, first of all, Happy New Year!

This year is a little bit of a mad one for me, as not only do I have various exhibitions and commitments, I am also getting married in May and because we decided to do it all ourselves, its slightly taking over EVERYTHING!

January flew by and to kick start the year I joined an Instagram challenge #21daysinmyartworld to try and get myself motivated and excited by the dark and gloomy January days. It worked a treat and it really helped me establish what I want to achieve this year (a few highlights from that challenge in my March newsletter).

January also saw the launch of a new collection of fabrics from Romo, who once again asked to use my artwork in their shoot. It was a privilege to be asked and I love how dramatic the final shot is. The colours from my painting sat so well with their chosen fabrics and it’s always so lovely to see how someone would style your artwork.

The end of January also saw two of my larger pieces exhibit in Josie Eastwood Fine Art’s winter show. I was also delighted to hear recently that one so far has found a new home in a London apartment. It’s always such a boost when you hear that someone has chosen your painting for his or her home, as art is such a personal thing.

February has been another exciting but busy month. I’m sat writing this whilst the frames I’ve been painting all day are drying next to me.

I am thrilled to announce that I have an exhibition in Manningtree, Essex, from March 18th – 29th March (hence the frames…). This has meant that this month I’ve been cracking on with paintings and trying to finalise what is going on painting wise. If I’m completely honest I haven’t yet figured out what is off to Manningtree, but it will be new work from my current series, which I cannot wait to share with everyone. ☺

As we approach Spring, everything is a little crazy! My weekends are filled with meeting wedding suppliers, sourcing wedding stuff and sending out wedding invitations (which apparently takes FOREVER). Meanwhile, art-wise, I’m pretty bogged down with finishing paintings, framing paintings and cracking on with organising an exhibition. I don’t like to do things by halves…

So I hope to pop up next month and give you all an update on the March exhibition. For those that can’t make it I will, of course, be sharing many photos and information from the exhibition on here and of course on my social media. ☺

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