‘A different kind of exhibition’

As many of you are aware, I recently (and FINALLY after 3 attempts due to Covid) got married.

It was honestly the BEST day, it just felt like a dream, and actually my artwork had a large part to play in the day!


The venue was my father in laws grain store. We spent months cleaning it out and I had this vision of including my paintings somehow.

I had the idea of painting 4 MASSIVE paintings along the back wall of the grain store to add colour and excitement, and to just make the barn a little more ‘us’.

However, with the Chesney’s exhibition looming, and other wedding commitments taking over, the reality of painting 4 massive paintings that I was happy with, within a month, seemed a little unrealistic.

Whilst discussing this with a few friends they made me realise that I was never ever going to be able to paint these paintings in time.

So onto plan B – paint a smaller painting on paper, scan it, scale it up and get it printed onto fabric!

I started by rolling out a length of 300gsm paper, pinning it to the studio wall and just being experimental. I found I was being drawn to the greener tones, which although lovely, wasn’t quite the warmer colours I wanted to introduce into the barn.

Then, after a few days of working on it (usually it would be months but that wasn’t realistic with my timeline!) I was happy with the piece. A few areas of the painting had gone murky but I knew I could tweak this using CAD.

So after a chat with a known Printing mill, I scanned in the artwork, scaled it up, fiddled a little with the painting on Photoshop, spilt the painting into 6 panels, and then sent the painting to be printed.

The day we got the prints back was wonderful! It was SO exciting to receive a roll of fabric with my paintings on it. We immediately cut them out and got ready to hang them in the barn.

On the Wednesday before the wedding we began to hang the paintings. It wasn’t as straightforward as we thought, but we got there in the end.

I wanted to ensure we hung them in the correct order, just as I had painted the actual painting. I’d made sure they were long enough so they could rest and hang softly against the shelf of the barn wall.

Once up, I was so happy with them and couldn’t WAIT to see everything else come together.

And boy, did it come together! I was so so thrilled with how the paintings just brought the whole venue together. They added a hint of colour, and although each one was a separate panel, they created a wonderful statement that you could read across the back wall.

We had festoon lights that hung across the barn, and the soft light of these complimented the panels so beautifully. Then, once the bands and DJ started in the evening, the disco lights bounced off the paintings and created such a fab fun atmosphere.

I’ve yet to receive the official wedding photographs but I cannot wait to see how these paintings photographed. We had the bands in front of them, as well as our first dance. It just felt so special to have my paintings involved in my wedding day!

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