Always looking for Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I was given a beautiful book that my great auntie had purchased for her husband, back in 1975. After flicking through it briefly, I knew it was a book to keep forever and look at whenever I am needing inspiration.

The book is titled ‘Watercolours from the Turner Bequest’ and is stunning. I’ve always admired Turners work, but to see the looseness of his watercolours is beyond inspiring. The energy of each piece is beautiful. The colours are so stunning and each brush mark has such a level of sophistication to it. Turner’s pieces have such a lovely simplicity to them but still capture such movement in the landscape. Something I would love to convey in my own work.

As an artist I constantly want to develop and ensure my paintings evolve. I want to push myself and make sure I am not getting too comfortable, so this book has come at the right time! My latest series of works are progressing differently to the previous and this is something that can sometimes feel a little risky and scary. Yet it is always so lovely to be inspired by other artists.

I have now added this book to my collection of lovely books to pull out when I’m feeling a little lost creatively. Norman Ackroyd’s beautiful published sketchbooks are also a must have on that shelf!

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