An Afternoon with Natasha Boyes

In December 2017 I met Natasha for the first time, after she contacted me regarding her own personal photography project. She was looking at independent and small business owners and seeing how they managed their time, any advice they had for other small business and they’re day to day lives.She wanted to explore their stories and capture this through photography.

Some of you may remember Natasha coming to my studio. She interviewed me and took so many beautiful shots of the studio. We instantly got on and have such a lot in common, so it only seemed right to ask her back to photograph my studio nearly two years on. And what a lovely day we had.

My studio has developed so much since her last visit and has now got a real identity to it. Back in 2017 I had only really just started my journey as a full time artist and I think the photos she took back then show that. It’s so interesting to compare the two and see how much things have changed.

This time around she encouraged me to get stuck into a painting, to get into my creative zone whilst she captured this. It was an interesting process and one I don’t usually see!

My style has become braver, my marks bolder and my colours, stronger. The studio itself has become messier and far less organised. As an artist I have grown and nothing shows that more then these lovely photographs from Natasha.

We had a great day together, chatting, laughing and eating lots of chocolate mini rolls! Natasha is a wonderful photographer and has a real talent. I love how she has captured my studio identity through these photographs. The light is stunning and the angles and perspective of her work is lovely. Thank you Natasha!

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