An inspiring trip to Wales

It’s been a very busy few couple of weeks since the Art Fair, feels like I haven’t stopped! However last weekend I managed to to escape for a quiet few days and enjoy the stunning and striking colours of the Welsh countryside. Not only was it a lovely break from the studio (and all the admin that mounts up….) but also it was a fantastic research trip and so inspirational. I couldn’t resist sharing a few of these photos with you all as I think these might influence my next body of work. 

On the Saturday we went for a fantastic 7-mile walk and the views were incredible. The colours were stunning and even as the mist came in, new colours could be seen. The ochre’s, the yellows and the acidic greens of the greenery and the soft pinks came through as well, along with the beautiful earthy red and purple tones. The colours were simply breath-taking. 

I was with my lovely family, including my fiancé and brother who both own drones and are passionate droners…(if that is even a word?!). They got some fantastic shots for me from above the trees, an angle most of us don’t tend to see. The photos still don’t quite do the environment justice but are quite lovely and very exciting. 

I’d taken my sketchbook with me but unfortunately the conditions at the top were not great and visibility was poor. I really regret this now as these photos pinned up in my studio just don’t quite have the same energy as standing at the top of a mountain, watching the mist come across the lake. 

It was the perfect weekend for getting inspired and it is sometimes so good to get away for a few days and immerse yourself in the environment. It was just what the doctor ordered….as well as my creativity!

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