Yesterday I completed another painting and delivered it to it's new home. The photos above are the competed painting:). This painting began life as an extension of another painting I'd done previously and lacked depth and a pop of colour. My lovely client came around and loved this canvas from day one - but agreed I needed to add more interest. So for the last few months I have been doing just that. 

This is how the painting looked initially (above). The paint was applied thinly and was quite soft & lacked interest. It then went through a number of different stages before it arrived at how it looked today.

I added a band of yellow before I did anything else (above). This got me started and from then I just built up more and more layers of paint (see previous post 'and it was all yellow').

The painting has gone through a lot of paint! Part of the process of my paintings is building up more and more layers. As you can see the painting was constantly changing. 

The painting has taken about 3 months to finish. To me it feels completely balanced and final now. I am completely in love with the texture and soft colour palette. The last stages were adding tiny pops of oil pastel.

This commission is now on its owners wall and looks perfect in situ......

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