This is one of my favourite paintings and as of last night it is sold and off to its new home!  I created this without thinking too much and really let myself explore the blank canvas & play around with the balance of colour. I created it in my new studio when I made the move back to Essex. For me it represents the new beginnings & I'm so pleased with how this painting turned out. The soft peachy coral tones are such a lovely contrast to the dirty greens, and the darker pop of purple/deep red just adds the drama that this piece needs. As much as I love all my commissions I am starting to crave creating new pieces with no expectations, to create pieces that have no questions asked and are done without contemplating too much about colour, to just mix the colour I feel I need when I need it, much how this piece was created. 

#Commission #Painting #Soft #Peachy #Tones

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