Cornwall holidays & fresh inspiration

After feeling a little stuck for inspiration, at the start of July I headed off to Cornwall, hoping that the beautiful coastline and sea air would kick start something and allow me to get over a shadow of artists block that had started to hang over me. And I’m so thrilled to say that Cornwall did everything I wanted it to, and more!

Stunning tones of colour – rich blues, deep turquoises and wonderful greens now fill my sketchbooks. 7 days wasn’t quite long enough to take in those incredible views, but I thought I’d share a few of them with you all.

I spent an afternoon walking around the shore whilst the sea was out and I found some amazing tones of colour and marks.

That acidic yellow got me very excited, and I hope to bring this through in my next body of work. I also found some lovely earthy pinks (my favourite colour at the moment!) sitting with some beautiful grey, greens. Nature always has the best colour combinations!

The sunsets in the bay were also so beautiful, and again, introduced new colour palettes and soft pastel tones.

Our holiday cottage had such stunning views across the bay that I was content just to sit and stare!

Cornwall is such an inspirational place, if you’ve never been go! It won’t disappoint.

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