Cracking on with another Christmas Commission today. This one is coming together now after a few months where I've not quite felt it. I wasn't really feeling the blues for a while so I was adding layers and layers of deeper greens, blacks and dark blues then covering it all up again with creams and off whites. This painting really does have layers & layers of paint!

I've been experimenting with adding ink to this piece as I haven't done that for a while. I tend to shy away from it in my more subtle commissions/pieces as the ink is so intense it takes a lot to soften it. Today it is adding something I think I've been missing from this canvas - a vibrant pop!

I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere and in a few days (with a lot of hard work) it will hopefully be complete, just in need of a few more pops and final touches. 

You can see from this image how many layers are underneath the blue ink, peeking through!

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