Finally, a tidy studio!

Those of you who follow me on instagram will have seen that over the past month or so I’ve been struggling with a bit of artist block. Artist block is never a good thing and where I can usually paint through it, this block seems to be sticking and lingering!

So with every block I always think it’s a subtle way of telling me that my studio needs a BIG clean. Nothing better then a spring clean… and I’m almost ashamed to share these photos with you all…what a tip!

My lovely little studio had a build up of over two and a half years of mess. I moved in in May 2017 and the beautiful lockers that I’d insisted on keeping were merely kept there to look pretty. However they soon became a dumping ground and a hiding place for old paints, palettes and lots of completely useless stuff!

I spent nearly a day tidying JUST these lockers up, and I can finally say that they are super organised and only full of handy, useful things, everything else has been skipped!

My paints all now have a home, along with tapes, bubble wrap, business cards, paint palettes and water jars!

I then spent the next week or so having a deep clean in the rest of the studio; I even got out the vacuum cleaner!

It felt right to hang it up this painting up, as it is my FAVOURITE painting to date and sat so nicely in a tidy studio. However I did find that since I’ve started painting back in the studio it had to come down. I found myself constantly comparing myself to it, which is never a good thing!

It’s amazing what a big clean can do and although this hasn’t quite shifted the artist block, it is great to mentally have a tidy space to paint it! My studio floor is finally clear (which is fantastic, and a huge help when I’m moving around painting!) and having a now empty rocking chair also which means I can finally sit in it and have time to contemplate the paintings.

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