Well hello everyone! Huge apologies - its been ages! So I have been very quiet since November, and its not because I've had nothing to say (far from it....), I've been SO busy!

So to fill everyone in on the last few months.....

As my last November post stated - I have got my first solo exhibition & it is FAST approaching. Since Country Living all my energy has gone into that & a few other rather exciting things have been happening:) (some of which will be announced in the next few weeks....). 

December saw a very exciting photo shoot & interview with the lovely Natasha Boyes (blog post to follow....) & a very busy painting month. 

I also had a busy December sending lots of lovely paintings to new homes and having some lovely people contact me about buying my paintings as Christmas gifts:) As well as lots of painting, we also moved house....which is quite a stressful thing at the best of times, but between Christmas & New Year it was CRAZY!

My dad has also wanted a commission for a long time now and I managed to persuade him that I was far too busy to finish his piece - then gave this piece (above photo) to him on Christmas Day :) 

So, January is here & it always feels like such a long month...I am now longing for spring! I finished this commission a few weeks ago...

...which was quite a statement piece! But so much fun to create. I really let my hair down and just explored the balance of contrasting colour. 

So here we are....January 26th! I am currently in the midst of Gallery mayhem. My studio is complete chaos with paintings EVERYWHERE! I'm really enjoying it though....but many paintings, paint pots, squeegees thick with paint & mixer pots everywhere. 

So....I'm going to do a few blog posts updating everyone on whats been going on in detail over the next few days :) I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & a wonderful New Years....bring on 2018!

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