It's amazing what a holiday can do!

It’s amazing how some time away from the studio has such a wonderful impact on my work. On July 11th we began our 10-day holiday, starting with a leisurely 3-day drive down to Cornwall, stopping at a wonderful wedding, a glamping site and a spa in Exeter, before embarking on 7 days in one of my favourite places – Kingsand.

As everyone knows, my work is inspired by the British landscape, so this holiday was a perfect opportunity to gain more inspiration and get a fresh new head for my return.

When I left I felt very pleased with how my latest pieces were going. I was still feeling excited and energised by what I was creating. I knew I’d be inspired down in Cornwall but didn’t expect to come back feeling quite as passionate and inspired as I did!

I was so surprised at how getting out of the studio and being submerged within a different environment had such a huge impact on my work on my return. I’ve felt like I’ve really learnt a lesson here – that I can get so bogged down in focusing on what my next aim is, my next painting, my next commission etc. that I can forget so easily how crucial and important fresh inspiration can be. A lesson for all artists out there!

Spending hours exploring the rock pools when the tide went out, and going on long walks along the coastline was beautiful. When I look at my photos I instantly want to paint them - new angles, new horizons, new marks.

As the holiday in Cornwall progressed, so did my sketches. I found at first I felt a little ridged, almost scared to open up on the page (which is natural and happens every time I’m painting in the field!) but the more I painted the looser the paintings became and the more I enjoyed it.

Back to reality and although the studio is SO HOT (this heat wave is ridiculous) I’m really enjoying working on and creating my latest pieces – an unexpected bonus from the holiday!

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