March in the Studio

March has been a busy month for me. I feel like its flown by and I haven’t quite got as many paintings in this new series as I would have wanted to by now. Sometimes admin seems to take over, or days with artists block stop me from creating the kind of work I would like to.

The start of this new series had been full of emotion, pain and passion. It lead to some expressive and bold pieces that I feel are some of my strongest work to date. With these pieces now in an exhibition, it meant that the studio was quiet, and by mid March I had lots of canvases, but no finished pieces.

I am a perfectionist and I know when a painting is complete - yet I seemed lost and didn’t quite know if this was the direction I wanted to be going in.

With that in mind I made the brave decision to paint over four large canvases that were so close to being finished. I know it seems crazy but it was the right thing to do and I knew it.

After nearly a year of banning myself from using a squeegee (I became to comfortable using one and wanted to mix it up a bit) I picked one up the other day and started using it to paint with. It felt fantastic and like a wave of new energy was washing over me. Combining the use of my old paintbrushes, my fingers and my trusted squeegee I began to feel more free and loose.

Having been approached by a couple of new exciting opportunities this month it really is so important that I can build up this body of work. However I would never put any paintings out there without being 100 percent happy with them, something that I have really reiterated and stood by this month. I will always push myself until I know I am completely finished with a painting. I wont be launching this body of work until I know it is the best it can possibly be.

So that’s where we are now….I have 2 finished canvases that were finished this week and are currently my framer - and 6 large canvases that are currently at different stages of completion.

I am making a pledge though that April will be about painting! I am usually in the studio most days but March was a little random! With Spring round the corner I am excited to start spending longer days in the studio and enjoying the longer hours of daylight. Wish me luck & thanks for reading ☺

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