So, I've been a little quiet recently! Apologies...I'm so busy at the moment & it's wonderful! I am NOT complaining at all :) 

Country Living is fast approaching and I'm starting to get a little stressed! I want to give this show my absolute all, so I'm trying to create as many beautiful minis as possible. However, I seem to have forgotten that I need to frame & sign every SINGLE one. I was counting the minis but I've lost count now, basically my aim is to get 200 framed minis for the show. I know I'm at over 150 painted minis...and I've framed ( mums framed 12!). 

I also didn't realise all the little things that come with doing such a large show like Country Living. I need to sort out things like lighting, electricity, what is my floor going to be? will I maximise my space on the stand etc etc! I also need to book the car park, trains etc.....and its only 7 ish weeks away (I'd count but I don't want to....its approaching far too quickly!).

As well as Country Living, I also featured in House & Gardens this month. This was a good opportunity and enabled me (with the help of my lovely pals) to write a little info about myself & get my work out there once again! 

In anticipation of The Country Living Christmas Fair, I have also been approached by Country Living Magazine and am actually featuring in their Christmas Present ideas, along with 8 other people. I feel very excited about this and hope it brings me lots more lovely clients :)

I've had a very busy couple of months, along with all of that going on I've also had so many lovely people contact me about commissions. Every time I think the commissions are easing I get a lovely enquiring email off somebody else - which is honestly, wonderful! It feels like such a compliment and confidence boost every time somebody contacts me!

So.....that's where I am! BUSY BUSY BUSY!

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