So you may have noticed I've been a little quiet on here! However I have exciting news......I am currently working with a lovely team on a NEW WEBSITE:) Which is VERY exciting! It's looking good so far so should hopefully be with you shortly!

As well as a new website.....I am also launching a whole new series of work. After my solo exhibition in February I went a little quiet. I was finding it difficult to know where to go with my next body of work. I spent all of March & April trying to come up with a few new concepts and ideas and it just wasn't clicking. I was really struggling with artist block and couldn't work out where I was going. We've all been there. 

It's a weird one, after an extremely busy 1st year I felt so lost. From having big plans to suddenly having no plans in the diary, no exhibitions or gallery contacts was something to feel frustrated about. It took me a few months but it's actually been a wonderful blessing. It's given me the time to work out where this next series is going, to plan what I want to do this year and once I'd accepted that things were slowing down it suddenly gave me the realisation that I now have the time to push my boundaries and have a bit of fun. 

I then popped to my favourite place ever - North Norfolk, for a weekend of inspiration to hopefully get myself going. And it did.

With that in mind, my head is down and I'm in the studio all the time. Getting nice & messy and feeling so excited about this next body of work. Above is a sneak peak as to where this series is going...and I feel very pleased & excited about it. A sneak peak :)

SO....drumroll well as launching a NEW website I will also be launching a new series of work this summer! Please stay tuned!

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