Ever since I made the move to pursue my paintings further I have spent time (with the help of a very talented friend who happens to be graphic designer) branding my business. It's super exciting seeing a whole concept come together!

After doing a bit of research I decided it would be quite fun to paint onto the boxes and they've got a really good response:). With the help of a stamp it completes it nicely!

Some very exciting stickers complete the packaging:

I've also managed to get some business cards done, my lovely friend came up with the brilliant idea of creating a gridded painting, then cutting it up and creating business cards from them by stamping the back. Then every business card is an individual piece of art.....a very simple idea but it's brilliant and they've gone down a treat! They seem very popular, I even had a few friends choose one and frame it haha!

As well as my lovely painted business cards I also have these beautifully designed business cards. These are great, wonderful quality and are so thick! I love them! I've also been pushing my Instagram page and trying to make everything more coherent with each other and it's paying off: ) I've grown from 163 to 700 in a I must be doing something right! Its hard work though....posting every day! Have a look....bethanyholmesart

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