Time For Some Fresh Inspiration

After a busy few weeks and a lack of studio time, I felt it was time for a much needed break. So on the Thursday just gone we packed up the car and drove to my favourite place, North Norfolk, and it was just what was needed.

When in Norfolk my days are taken up with long dog walks along the coast, eating and drinking and just enjoying being in nature. We spent most of the time outside and although it was VERY windy, the weather was mostly lovely. If I could still be there I would!

I thought I’d share with you all a few of my inspirational shots. I am now taking these photos back to studio to start a new body of work.

Back in 2018 I created a whole body of work that took inspiration from the staithes at Morston Quay & Blakeney. This weekend I went for long dog walks every morning along the beaches between Sheringham and West Runton. Here the groynes take centre stage again, amongst the crashing waves and vast stretches of sand.

The groynes are a juxtaposition between nature and the man made. They create structure in an otherwise very fluid and organic scene. A fixed structure in an environment that is constantly changing.

For me, there is something so calming about being by the sea. The colours and tones of the coastline change daily, if not hourly sometimes! It never tires for me and never fails to bring me inspiration. I like to sit on the beach and take it all in; the sounds, the smells, the colours, the skies, and the light.

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