Exciting news.....I have my own SOLO EXHIBITION! So on Friday I had a terrible day full of artists block and frustration. I could not make anything work out! I was also applying to a gallery and knew that Friday was the LAST day of entries. Anyway, after a long day of anger I finally sent off my application at 8pm on the final day! I'm not usually a last minute kind of girl so this was weird! However......I received an email on Tuesday saying that the gallery had had an overwhelming number of applicants but they'd like to offer me my own week long solo exhibition! AHHHH! So......Its time to crack on and get my commissions done as I am so keen to start work on my exhibition:) :) 

My intentions for my exhibition are as follows:

To Celebrate the Distance:

My intentions for this exhibition are to convey the distance between colour and the British landscape. To push my own boundaries and explore new environments by exposing myself to the elements, and find inspiration is the underlying form of the British horizons. I intend to take this inspiration and create a series of larger works that will depict the undulating & ever changing British landscape and its unique spectrum of colour. 

SO my plan is to get my commissions progressing well & then I'm off on some travels around the wonderful British countryside to get some exciting new inspiration:) I will of course keep you all posted! Watch this space.......

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