Exciting things happening in 2018 - I'm very excited to announce that I will be having my first SOLO EXHIBITION in February :) After the pressure I put on myself for Country Living, I am so looking forward to throwing myself into this! I have set out my intentions below.....and am excited about really getting back into the elements, to paint in the freezing cold, to pack my sketchbooks in a rucksack and get out there! I want to bring the creativity back and really get stuck into this :) It is such an exciting time for me...time to get messy! I will of course keep everyone posted on here......I'm especially looking forward to finding some beautiful landscapes to paint & discovering new colours, especially this time of the year! Bring it on....

Exhibition Intentions: To Celebrate the Distance 

My intentions for this exhibition are to convey the distance between colour and the British landscape. To push my own boundaries and explore new environments by exposing myself to the elements, and find inspiration in the underlying form of the British horizons. I intend to take this inspiration and create a series of larger works that will depict the undulating (ever changing) British landscape and its unique spectrum of colour. 


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