To Autumn

Highgate Contemporary Art is delighted to present To Autumn, a solo exhibition featuring a new collection of paintings by abstract landscape artist Bethany Holmes.

To Autumn comprises of fifteen paintings, varying in size, on canvas, paper and board. It is the second solo exhibition that Bethany has had at the gallery and it will take place both online and in the studio gallery. 

Bethany explains this collection as a progression from her previous.

“My last collection, Ever Changing was a very challenging body of work. I spent months re-working nearly every piece. Suffering with a lack of confidence and a head full of anxiety, but all of that turmoil, and the inner wrestling eventually led to these pieces. This collection is the result of my decision, and need, to throw all that was positive, the joy, the pleasure, the contentment, at the canvas and to see what emerged. To paint without the pressure or the anxiety; just freedom”. 

The challenges behind creating the Ever Changing collection inspired this one and Bethany’s aim to paint with ‘freedom’ has certainly translated to canvas.

The work in this collection feels looser, her choice of palette bold, unencumbered, inspired by the colours of autumn that envelop the countryside surrounding her studio; deep purples and oranges coupled with playful notes of cool sharp yellows, and acidic greens.

“I am fortunate to have a studio surrounded by beautiful countryside. Getting out into nature, out into the fresh air is always my escape and a huge source of inspiration.

Here I observe the complex relationship between colour and the landscape. Between my emotions and the landscape. I feel a deep connection going into the countryside and just sitting, being alone and listening. It gives me strength and energy, and the canvases that result are my ways of communicating these feelings, these reflections and states of being”.

Whether using a rich bright palette or more muted pastel tones Bethany’s painterly and keen sense of colour is displayed in assertive brush strokes which, despite their strength and energy, are still able to capture subtlety and nuance. This body of work feels warm, confidant and vibrantly indulgent.